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Hadrian has
Your Graffiti Solution!

Hadrian's anti-graffiti powder coated finish for metal toilet partitions and lockers is your best defense against unsightly graffiti!

Hadrian's durable anti-graffiti finish is an effective and affordable graffiti solution. It allows the use of commercial graffiti removers to completely eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the finish. The powder coating retains it's original brilliance and no ghost of the graffiti is left behind! Removal is easy as no special manufacturers' graffiti removal kit is required and commercial graffiti removers are readily available at most hardware stores.

Available in #826 Kilim Beige, #827 Dover White, #828 Dovetail and #829 Desert, Hadrian’s anti-graffiti finishes will complement any décor. Custom colors are also available.

Recommended Graffiti Removers
The following graffiti removers are highly recommended as excellent cleaners for Hadrian’s anti-graffiti finish:
• OFF THE WALLS for Painted & Finished Surfaces –
• TSW1 Plasti-Master Light Duty Remover –

NOTE: Although Hadrian's anti-graffiti powder coating has been proven to peform exceptionally well, Hadrian cannot guarantee complete removal in all situations due to varying environmental and application conditions. For best results, Hadrian's maintenance procedure should be followed regularly and graffiti should be attended to as soon as possible after application.